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ISO 9001: 2008


Our Vision

To be a global leader in providing innovative colour solutions for multiple applications.

Our Mission

  • To develop novel fluorescent colours which has great performance and colour properties.
  • To help manufacturers improve and expand their products by providing effective fluorescent colours and other high quality colour solutions.
  • To support brand managers and designers with fluorescent colours and other colours products that allows them to build strong brand recognition.
  • To provide world level price and quality competitiveness.
  • To create eco – friendly colour products.

Disclaimer: Technical information, advice, statements, verbal and written suggestions and test results are offered for guidance only and it is believed to be reliable based on our present knowledge. There are not to be construed as a warranty for which we assume no responsibility. It is responsibility of the user to ensure their employee are aware of the content and also to ensure that any additional regulations are satisfied.
NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE MADE. Users are responsible for testing our products and suggestions to ensure that they are suitable for the intend purpose and application prior to use

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