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Ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Our hands-on product development program is your ticket to success!

1 Month Program, 100+ Hours of Product Development at our Lab Space

7500 Sqft
of lab and office space

10 members
per each batch

Dedicate PHD mentor


Choose one from 50+ products

Get to know about, funding, Loans, Costing.

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Year Of Experience

About Us

Our vision is to empower budding entrepreneurs with complete knowledge and know-how for making vibrant fluorescent products for endless applications in domestic and export markets. This skill development course is designed to help you get started in making a profitable business in the MSME sector. Encouraging students to start their own business with a good understanding of products, markets, manufacturing technologies, sales, marketing, digital marketing, online sales, market developments, handling competition, and planning for growth and profits.

Aron Incubator

Walk-in as a budding entrepreneur

Walk out with a business plan in hand.

At Aron Incubator, we offer more than just well-equipped infrastructure; we provide a supportive ecosystem designed to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. Our PHD mentor understands that entrepreneurship isn't for the faint-hearted—it's for those who crave challenge, embrace risk, and possess unwavering determination.

Entrepreneurship isn't just a path—it's a bold adventure for those with fire in their bellies and a hunger for success. With Aron Incubator, you'll find the resources, guidance, and community you need to turn your bold ideas into thriving start-ups. Join us, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

The business saying is: The higher the  risks, the highe the rewards.

Why Choose Aron Incubator for Your Entrepreneurial Journey?"

Abundant space for innovation.

With 7500 Sqft of lab and office space at your disposal, you'll have room to think, create, and grow your business

Personalized Mentorship

Benefit from the guidance of dedicated PHD mentors, each with over 40 years of expertise, providing invaluable insights and support.

Hands-on Product training

Gain invaluable hands-on experience through product training at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Small Batch Size

With only 10 members per batch, you'll receive personalized attention and support tailored to your individual needs

Extensive Machinery Support

Access to a range of 10+ machineries—small, medium, and heavy—ensures you have the tools needed to bring your innovative ideas to life.

Diverse Product Selection

Choose from over 50 products to kick-start your venture, tailored to suit your passion and expertise.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

Utilize our arsenal of over 20 marketing tools to promote your business and increase visibility in the market.

Training in Business Essentials

Learn essential skills such as business planning, financial management, costing, and achieving break-even, setting a solid foundation for your venture's success.

Access to Product Database

Enjoy full access to our extensive fluorescent product database, providing valuable insights and resources for your business endeavours.

Guidance on Funding and Company Setup

Gain knowledge on securing funding, starting a company, and obtaining loans to fuel your entrepreneurial journey

Product Formulation Expertise

Acquire in-depth knowledge of product formulation for each offering, empowering you to innovate and customize products to meet market demands.

Step-by-Step business development

Explore 15 simple yet effective ways to develop and grow your business, ensuring steady progress and success.

Thesis report

You will submit a detailed thesis on the learnings, and the approach to take the product to the market for scalability and profitability.


Choose your product of interest to start a business from the mentioned categories

Technical Textiles
Screen printing on different substrates
Signage’s for advertisement
In shop branding
Outdoor ads
Safety signage products
Invisible inks
UV based applications
High last fastness products
Safety clothing
Thread dyeing
Canvas coting
All kinds of product related to textile printing
Wooden Toys
Key Chains
Art and Craft Items
Birthday Products
Holi Powder
Holi Liquid
Gift Cards, Gift Packaging


Week 1

  • Orientation Program
  • Course Induction
  • About Day light florescent pigments
  • Concept of Entrepreneurship
  • Funding opportunities and generating ideas
  • Fundamental concepts of Finance, Costing, and Break-even analysis

Week 3

  • Product Development Phase, Industry Visit
  • Formulation changes
  • Ball-park studies
  • Product testing
  • Technical testing

Week 2

  • Proof of concept
  • Product Design
  • Working prototypes
  • New product prototypes
  • Thesis initiation
  • Product development compared to market

Week 4

  • Training session on Loans, funding
  • Legal structure of business
  • Advance costing, product pricing, & Packaging
  • Pilot launch, Website development
  • Tools for Digital Marketing training & Implementation

Aron Universal Ltd:

ARON UNIVERSAL LIMITED is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Vivid Daylight Fluorescent Pigments, Fluorescent Ink Bases, Fluorescent Toners, Fluorescent Dispersions, and Pigment Dispersions ever since it’s inception in 1974 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. We export to more than 60+ countries across the globe.
ARON is equipped with extensive technical expertise with quality competitiveness and diversified product lines serving niche applications available in the market through consistent modern facilities & technology accumulation.
We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company meeting with REACH compliance standards.

Day Light Fluorescent Pigments

The daylight fluorescent pigment market was USD 338.9 million in 2022 and is projected to reach 650.71 million by 2031, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.5%. These pigments transform daylight into visible light, enhancing product visibility.
Daylight fluorescent pigments, also known as bright colors, are natural and don't rely on artificial reflected light. Instead, they transform UB daylight into visible light, intensifying colors and enhancing brightness by increasing light density to fixed wavelengths.
Daylight fluorescent pigments rely on Colored organic polymers to function as solvents for fluorescence dyestuff. These dyestuffs, when dissolved in thermoset and thermoplastic carrier resins, undergo a transformation into fluorescent pigments. Despite their scarcity in the market, these pigments shine exceptionally bright under UV light compared to other colors.

Increasing utilization of Fluorescent pigments

The surge in demand for fluorescent pigments stems from their widespread usage in plastics, art & crafts, textile, and cosmetics sectors. These pigments serve to imbue vibrant hues and enhance product prominence. The escalating adoption within these sectors has spurred fresh advancements and heightened requirements within the fluorescent manufacturing domain.