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FIB Series

Flamingo Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

FIB Series of Flamingo Fluorescent Ink base’s are 90% ready to convert ink base’s made by unique combination of ultra fine high strength pigment dispersed in rheologically controlled high grade printing ink vehicle to use in manufacturer of inks for offset, Litho & letter press printing styles.

Salient Features:

  • 90% Ready to Convert Ink Base
  • Bright & Striking Appearance of print
  • Improved water resistance on the press
  • Improved binding characteristics
  • Controlled viscosity and tack stability
  • Excellent dot sharpness

Colour Range:

Yellow FIB-01 Red FIB-16
Yellow FIB-11 Pink FIB-17
Green FIB-12 Pink R FIB-17
Chrome FIB-13 Pink B FIB-17
FIB-17 FIB-14 Magenta FIB-18


Solid Content
Viscosity (by Laray Viscometer) 22550sec for 500 gram..wt.@32⁰C Yellow 01 : Yellow 11 : Chrome 13: Orange 14 : Red 16 : Pink (R) 17: Magenta 18. 15050 Sec for 500 gram.. Wt.@ 32⁰C Green 12 : Pink 17 : Pink (B)
Av. Pigment Particle < 6 Microns
Flash point > 110 °C
Boiling Point 260-290 °C
Pigment Content 54-56%

Regulatory Compliance:

  • TSCA
  • ROHS
  • EN-71 Part 3, 2013


The ink maker has more formulation flexibility by diluting the ink base up to 20% with extender varnishes, conventional ink oils, driers, tack reducing agents, rub & slip additives, toners etc...

  • VARNISHES : Alkyd / Phenolic / Low tack urethane type extender varnishes can provide Optimum setting characteristics, addition of a gloss varnish can significantly Increase the glossy on the print.
  • OILS : Compatible will all conventional ink oils / vehicles (O/S & L/P).
  • DRIERS : A combination drier of 1% of 6% manganese drier, cobalt drier will accelerate the drying but also darkens the color and cause color instability
  • TONERS : Various conventional non-fluorescent toners may be added, e.g., Napthol Red, Orange, CPC Green and Blue, Hansa Yellow etc., toner concentration from 0.1%-0.2% should be tried




  • To obtain maximum brilliance and cleanliness, all rollers must be thoroughly clean.
  • Fluorescent inks are very transparent and easily contaminated even by small residues of non-fluorescent inks
  • For maximum fluorescence, clean white stock should be selected; embossed and pastel papers produce unusual effects. Inks and paper should be pre-tested for adhesion, compatibility and fluorescent color value.
  • In accordance with good industrial practice, handle with care and avoid unnecessary personal contact. wash thoroughly after handling.

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