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PMH Series

Bright Brilliant Beautiful

A high strength, formaldehyde-free, polyamide based fluorescent colorants with good thermal and light stability, designed for use in plastics

Customer benefits - made possible by flamingo PMH series:

  • High color strength: New proprietory high strength polyamide based chemistry.
  • Faster processing and clean up: Excellent dispersion and substantially reduced plate out to ensure ease of processing and color change overs.
  • Better thermal stability: processing range from 220⁰C to 280⁰C with minimum color change, including DIN EN 12877-2 standard compliance up to 260°C.
  • Enhance color consistency: New proprietary chemistry to deliver consistent bright-brilliant-beautiful colors.

Available colors:

Colors Product code
Yellow PMH-11
Green PMH-12
Chrome PMH-13
Orange PMH-14
Red Orange PMH-15
Red PMH-16
Pink PMH-17
Pink (B) PMH-17
Magenta PMH -18
Magenta (B) PMH -18
Violet PMH -19
Blue PMH - 20

Applications – Processes:

Suitable Limited Suitability
Master batch Blow Mouldings
Mouldings & Extrusions
Powder coatings

Applications – Polymers:

Suitable Limited Suitability
PP Polycarbonate
GPPS Acetal
HIPS EVA & Rubber
Acrylic Nylon
PVC Spred Caoted Cellulose Acetate
Poly Acrylic (PMMA)
Rigid PVC

Typical Pigment Characteristics:

Properties Values
Average particle size 4-6µ
Melting point 125°C - 135°C
Yellow 110°C - 120°C
Decomposition Point** 290°C
Min, Processing Temp 220°C
Maximum recommended processing temperature (For short dwell times) < 280°C
Chemical Nature Formaldehyde free thermoplastic polyamide resin

Shelf & Storage Conditions:

  • Store at dry and closed conditions.
  • Keep away from source of ignition/sunlight.
  • Avoid moisture and raising dust.


  • Please refer to our material safety Data Sheet.
  • **-maximum temp. at which fluorescence is maintained.
  • Color degradation is time/temperature dependent

Regulatory compliance:

  • AP 89(1)
  • TSCA
  • ROHS
  • ASTM D 4236
  • EN71-3, 2013

Please check with us for any regulatory requirement not already listed above.

PMH Pigments are a solid solution of thermoplastic polyamide resin with fluorescent dyes.

Minimum processing temperature to ensure complete colour development is 220°C

Other information:

PMH fluorescent series are much brighter than conventional non fluorescent colors.

Opacity can be improved, if necessary, by small additions of rutile titanium dioxide. The fluorescent color will become more pastel as the quantity of titanium dioxide is increased.

PMH series offers limited light fastness on exterior exposure. To enhance lightfastness, optimal pigment loading & uv stabilizers could be used.

To obtain maximum color and brightness it is important to use sufficient pigment. The quantity used will depend upon the thickness of plastic product.

PMH Series has excellent temperature stability. Due to the high melting point, optimum dispersion requires processing temperature of above 220⁰C.

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